As the name suggests, in sure 60 program there will be batches of 60-60 students who will have to follow our strategy, time table as scheduled and our guidance rigorously. Live with us for one year and we assure them of selection.

Well, I think all of you may have experienced environment of coaching institutes, and must have studied there. First you take classes for prelims, then for mains and for descriptive okay, i just want to ask those who came to delhi and livied and studied here for 2-3 years, why you are not selected till date. Because you are unable to follow what you should follow die hard.

Here we provide not just coaching but everything what is needed for your whole journey to become an officer. Here you can follow the time table as decided by our team that once you have dreamt of to follow but failed. Here you have to study under proper guidance – that is, how to study, what not and what to study and which books you should prefer to read. There will be staff for solving your queries . There will be daily, weekly and monthly targets to reach at for you as well as us. There will be staff to solve your queries with you.

Sure 60 doesn't have any criterion for selection. We select on first come first serve occurrence. It doesn't identify any intelligent ones and make them officers but any student who want to study properly. We work on every student individually. We identify weakness to bolster them and skills to hone them, and render after overall improvement as possible.

I gaurav kumar singh, has been living in Delhi since 2001 and i taught here for some years. While working i noticed that students come here with a hope to become an officer, study here and when they don't get selection they go back to their homes dejected with burden of expanses and scolding of parents and relatives.

Reasons of failure are- they lost in crowd of Mukherjee Nagar, bad company, don't get suitable environment to study because sharing of rooms by 2-3 students due to high rent charges in delhi. So i just want to provide an environment suitable for studies full of energy and motivation and of course affordable.

Even if you are studying at home then also it become difficult to follow your own schedule as maintained in time table.

Here you will never get demoralized or demotivated from day 1 itself. You feel that you are not far from your goal.

Our teacher come from Delhi and the other staff like wardens in hostel staff in kitchen is local. We choose the best teachers for our students and the students who have prepaid a lot also help in doubt clearing of students. So you will also get the guidance of students who are very much prepaid and have studied a lot. Selected student are teachers for your queries.

Mobile phones and laptops are not allowed, you will get phone from here only to talk to relatives.

We provide computer lab with internet facilities for online test and preparation and updates. You can use our landline phone to talk to your family at a fixed time, and your parents can call up that number. You can study in our properly maintained library.

If we feel bored then what will we do? No, the program is not hectic one day in a week you are free. On a specific night, for 2-3 hrs. Cultural program is organized in which all staff & students can participate. In the evening, outdoor activities are also allowed like sports, yoga. Properly maintained ground are there for sports activities.

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